The Women Tennis Association (WTA) Finals are to be held over the next 10 years in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is also considered one of the most innovative and technological cities on the planet.
WTA as to way for the championship to finish before they can create all their marketing materials, as only by then do they know which players qualify to the Finals event. This gives WTA around 2 weeks to design and create all the hundreds of physical and digital applications needed, where the qualifying players are featured.
How could find a solution around their time-constraint problem, with a solution that connects with such a tech city.
We created the new brand visuals purely by code, and created an online tool where they could generate infinite production-ready visuals in milliseconds, from any browser, and without any knowledge of the brand guidelines or technology. As simple as that.
The webpage design tool, allows the user to use any player or visual from a set database or to drag and drop any assets, and adjust the key visuals using simple parameters. Users can also create and edit their own manual points and can generate also motion assets.
With a simple click, they can export the video file, an image, or a vector to refine it inside illustrator if needed. True designer magic.
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