- Silver Dolphin at Cannes Corporate TV & Media Awards in Cannes/France
- Gold Remi at WorldFest in USA
- 1º Place at Art&Tur International Tourism Film Festival, for Best Animation
- ICT Award for Animation Startup in Hong Kong
- 1º Prize for Best Promotional Film at Finisterra Film Festival
- 1º Prize for Best Innovation/Creative Film at Finisterra Film Festival
- 2º Prize for Best Destination Film at Finisterra Film Festival
Director, Concept, Script, CGI Animation, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, and Post-Production: João Seabra
Art Direction, Concept, and 2D Animation: Filipe Andrade
Additional Modeling: Maria João Neves
Music Composing: Pedro Marques
Sound Design: Henrique Silva
Voice Over: David MC
3D Renderfarm: Cyberport
Production Studio: Jump Willy
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