Creating a dynamic key visual for Sino Group
Sino Group is a family-run organization and one of Hong Kong’s leading property developers known for their pragmatism and quality for over five decades.
With the business becoming increasingly benchmarked against international competitors, they needed to refresh their brand to allow them to express their progressive use of technology, ability in designing some of the region’s most charismatic properties and their social activities in the community, whilst retaining its sense of tradition and strengths of the past.​​​​​​​
Visual Expression
From Sino’s new positioning around the idea of ‘harmony’, we encapsulated their brand in a written narrative:
“Sino balances its traditional values with a contemporary edge of technology and international aesthetics. From our harmony within, we are then able to create harmony in the community, offering a balance of human need, environmental stewardship, value creation and community development.”

I've created a living 3D sculpture that metaphorically symbolizes the blending and intertwinement of multiple things. Inspired by their new tagline “Building Together”, the visual evokes a powerful sense of togetherness, balance and elegance. 
The sculpture motion and shape are driven in real-time algorithms created using code. This algorithm is capable of infinite variations of their sculpture, both in static or in motion, to be used as their hero key visual, across their main corporate brand and sub-brands. Each type of realistic material set applied to the sculpture identifies a business unit of their corporation.
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