Mazda / CX-50 "Hidden Patterns"
Mazda has always been a brand that places a strong emphasis on the connection between man and nature. So when they approached me, in collaboration with WPP's Group agency Superunion, to create a teaser campaign for their new SUV, the Mazda CX-50, I knew that we had to go beyond the ordinary.
The challenge was to create a series of video content pieces that would highlight the SUV's connection to nature in a very unique and intriguing way. My idea was to use high-tech pixel-dragging and pixel-tracking techniques to camouflage the car using images of nature, creating a series of very mysterious looping videos.
I've worked tirelessly to develop an innovative concept called “Hidden Patterns”, ensuring that every frame was carefully crafted to deliver an immersive and engaging experience for the viewer. I wanted to take the audience on a journey through the natural world, showcasing the beauty and majesty of nature in all its glory.
The resulting set of video content pieces serves as a teaser campaign for multiple social media channels, creating a buzz around the launch of the Mazda CX-50. The teaser spots highlight the SUV's connection to nature with the tagline “Born of a reverence for nature.”
The response to the campaign has been incredible, with thousands of people engaging with the videos and sharing them across social media. The campaign has been so successful that the videos have also been incorporated into the TV ad for the Mazda CX-50.
Overall, my work on the first-ever Mazda CX-50, in collaboration with WPP's agency Superunion, has been a tremendous success, showcasing our ability to deliver innovative and engaging marketing campaigns that capture the attention of audiences worldwide. I'm proud to have been part of such a groundbreaking project and look forward to working with Mazda and Superunion.
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