Mazda / Launching the CX-50
When Mazda launched their new CX-50 model, their brand agency turned to me to help design the 3D motion visual language of the brand.
Working closely with the Mazda team and their agency Superunion, I developed a unique and mysterious aesthetic that perfectly captured the essence of the CX-50.
Case Study
To bring this visual car identity to life, I used CGI visuals and simulations to get the car and nature closer and push the boundaries of what typically could not be done in real life. These visuals became the core of the brand identity and set the art direction for the CX-50 ad and launch campaign.
TV ad
The result was a successful launch of the CX-50 that was supported by engaging and memorable marketing materials.
My work has helped to establish the new model as a standout in the crowded automotive market and has set the stage for future success.
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