Leveraging brand to drive transformation, inside and outside

Discovery is a leading brand in non-fictional, factual content across the world. Their library of exclusive and proprietary content is unbeatable.
However, in a world where soap operas, fantasy stories, action, adventure and drama are all available at the touch of a button, the Discovery brand was starting to seem a bit like a fuddy-duddy voice-of-God, documentary specialist that was boring compared to the stuff available online.
What’s more, when it comes to digital availability of the content, Discovery had thus far been a laggard, with a few fragmented platforms targeting specific interests.
All of that changed with the launch of Discovery Plus, a single platform that boasts of access to the entire Discovery content library, available in 8 Indian languages and with thousands of short-format, TikTok-like videos that are easy to watch and share.
Superunion partnered the Discovery India team to create a brand that married the best of Discovery and created a contemporary, youth-centric offer that made Discovery’s content genre relevant to young people and positively impacted Discovery’s parent brand image as well.
Brand Identity
How does one bring to life the idea of knowledge acquisition and the transformative impact it has on our lives through a visual depiction?
To craft the identity for Discovery Plus, we went deep into the process of knowledge acquisition itself. We recognized a pattern in all the studies we read and we brought it to life in design.
The idea was simple:
Knowledge attracts knowledge.
And every new nugget you acquire,
reshapes you; adds to you…
For a screen-first brand, it only made sense to build a screen-first identity. We created a suite of motion assets and applications that told the brand story, online and offline.
The motion visuals, even when presented to resemble 2D or flat, are actually done in 3D, so that we could take full advantage of advanced particle systems to control how the section merge, and create variations and changes very fast.
In Numbers
500K+ Downloads on Google Play Store in 1st week
90% 5 star reviews for the app and interface
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