Capitolis - Reimagining Capital Markets
Capitolis is a financial technology company that provides innovative solutions for the capital markets industry. The company's mission is to empower its clients to make better and faster decisions using cutting-edge technology and data analytics.​​​​​​​
To enhance the brand identity of Capitolis and connect with its clients on a deeper level, I've worked together with the branding agency team to propose the design of the brand in motion. The idea was to create a brand film and a library of motion assets that would showcase the company's technology, innovation, and expertise in the capital markets.
The first step was to conduct research and interviews with the Capitolis team and its clients to understand the company's values, vision, and unique selling points. I then developed a creative concept and visual language that would capture the essence of the Capitolis brand and its products and services.
Brand Film
Once the concept and visual language were approved, I started working on the brand film and the motion assets. The brand film was a short, dynamic, and engaging video that introduced the Capitolis brand and its mission. The motion assets were a vast library of animated logos, icons, and graphics that could be used across the brand's marketing channels, such as social media, website, and email.
The result was a successful rebranding project that not only strengthened the brand identity of Capitolis, but also provided a compelling and effective way to communicate the company's value proposition and expertise to its clients. The brand film and motion assets have been well-received by both the audience and the Capitolis team, and have helped the company to establish itself as a leading player in the capital markets industry.
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