Bank of America - The continuation of an NFT legacy
Commemorating the Bank of America sponsorship of SIBOS, Bank of America had already commissioned brand agency Superunion and itMatters leader João Seabra to create its first-ever, limited-edition NFT for select clients back in 2021.
As a token of Bank of America appreciation and reflecting the previous NFT success, they asked again itMatters leader João Seabra to create a special digital rendering of Arizona’s Horseshoe Bend expressly for Bank of America’s board members.
This digital art piece celebrates Arizona’s role in confronting the challenges to desert environments everywhere by storing 3 trillion gallons of water for future use.
The blockchain has opened up new pathways for creating and transacting tokens of value, in this case, a digital work of art. In the future, in all financial dimensions.
The NFT was distributed to Bank of America’s board members through digital wallets. Each board member received an email with a preview of the digital art piece, inviting them to view their limited-edition NFT in a custom-made blockchain marketplace.
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