Bank of America - The World's First Banking Nft Art
Bank of America commissioned a unique piece of digital art in the form of the world's first NFT from a bank to present to their 50 top clients across the globe during the Sibos 2021 conference.

"Earth Anew" - Bank of America NFT
"Earth Anew" represent the two dimensions of Bank of America - a real-world dimension where we as human inhabit and understand, and the big data dimension, where Bank of America can process and drive insights that improve our real-world. The fictional representation of land is inspired by our tropical forests and their crucial role in humanity's future.
The visual and sound experience is viewed in an endless loop, wherein with every landscape twist, the viewer notices more and more of the small details and reflects on the issue portrait.
The NFT was distributed by digital wallets presented to clients. Each client received an email with a teaser of the digital art piece, which invited them to view their limited edition NFT in a costume made blockchain marketplace.

Other directions
During the creative process, other directions were explored. Bellow is a selection of them.
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